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Safety Check/Insurance Report

Safety Inspection/ Report

How safe is your electrical? We can do an on-site inspection of your entire electrical and get a report to your insurance company next day.

If you notice any of these conditions you have a safety problem:

  • Burning odours from wiring or electrical equipment;
  • Baseboard heater not working properly;
  • Sparking in an outlet or light fixture;
  • Outlet not working;
  • Security Light not working;
  • Doorbell not working;
  • Bathroom exhaust fan too loud;
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping.
  • Outlet loose, plug doesn’t stay in firmly;
  • Light switch is loose or floppy, does not feel secure in either on or off position;
  • Lights blink or dim momentarily;
  • Extension cords under bed;
  • Extension cords outdoors;
  • Extension cords run through doorways or under carpets;
  • If you notice any of these conditions, you should call us immediately.

We can inspect your electrical and provide you with a report fast.
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